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RagTag Daily Prompt: Covert

The welling clouds were spilling over orange moss covered rocks, the gray skies meandered along the jagged cliffs creation of horizon, these daring claps of thunder and light from the storm empowered us to continue moving along. The wavering sunlight would taunt us once in a while, but the mountainside was relentless, the movement of driving rain and the bright contrast of the cliffs looming up ahead encouraged us, somehow. We were headed toward the sea, the deep blue and green choppy waves were already visible beyond the cliffs partially blocking our perspective. We were working to be incognito, and had decided to avoid the highway path in our hike, if only to feel as though we were somewhere else or alone for once. Three of us covert travelers had walked for days together, and now the sight of the ocean, even obscured by a storm, was brightening us with the same excitement as the lightning.

Weekend Writing Prompt #314 ‘Clockwork’

The seconds and minutes in a circle, amounts of space movement could take in differences turning hours. Wanted distinctions of timing: references of actual spaciousness in distance imagined or real. The wanted indifference for relative shifts in stillness like natural growth, these massive changes in years left without an actual mark or leap, variances in timing, motion and space in wanted clockwork to tick away timing with centrifugal forces. Patterns in chemical traces in the same distances still catering to linearity, these frequencies of possibility moving wave to place, particularity finding ways in which circles could make straight lines.

The Daily Spur WordPrompt: Suit

Differences in space and refinement, the accompaniment of sense or the category for separations, these possibilities in nothingness and thoughtlessness: the tender buttons of description and the wanted definitive referent exposure. Tightly clinging cuffs and the handles of white collar expedience, the wanted facts of persistence of payment, of exactitude in that which cannot have anything but surreal actuality. The suit of birth, these spades we’re handed, the suited matters of hands and the wanted gifts of suitability, wandering faceless suicide kings and warning one eyed jacks, the defining characters of any tarot counting up in played chances at fair category or limit, casting lots for better chances next time.

AMN 2023

SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday ‘Left Alone’

SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt: ‘left alone’

Amelia Michelle Nicol


Decided against the victories

imagined in crowds

These patient seeming

variable weights of time

Space created in me

for the provisions of self

wanted Rilkean eyes

forgetting this and that,

always lazy and waiting for lunch

Left alone, context finds any outlet

for meaning, rallies and regulates

the spaces imagined for privacy

WritePhoto Response

Amelia Michelle Nicol

Weekly Photo Writing Prompt: #WritePhoto


Contrasting dark green water

the sky broken across

Buildings horizons

Drifting gondolas buried

their movement in shore

Rising to these crossing

horizontal ends

Toiled foundations near water

Carried the motion

of windows and curved entrance-ways

of paintings rise to rooftops

ledge, picking up water to sky

YD Word Prompt–Equality

Amelia Michelle Nicol

YDWord Prompt, Equality


Balancing structures of difference

turning corners of defense

these bending rituals of spaciousness

Wanted equality in opposition

Equal and opposite matter

train whistles through a canyon

wave parts to form

shape and these structures

allowances, the friction between

noise and the echoing canyon walls

Bound to equilibrium, homeostatic

immediacy: knots in pulleys

and moving lenses shifting parallax

the sound or image itself escaped

Collections…Too Much…Darling.

Daily writing prompt
Do you have any collections?

Bound volumes and shelves of knick knacks, pick out one thing that’s been collected, these artifacts collecting dust from generations of grit and shove, the reverence for space taken by the need to preserve parts of past or try leaning furthur to present the lessons of the future in these long lost items or treasures, the wanted futurism in minimalist senses, these goods at garage sales and the longing and yearning for connection and family, for the frequencies of attachment and that which really matters. Perennials given to the richness of pasque flowers ephemeral passing, the shortness of spring catching glimpses of the same root systems that have always been here, that have always grown the same types of plants for the same sorts of soil. These annoyance strewn yards of old junk and rambling words, Chrysanthemums* by the roadside again and the crushing of darlings to the wanted roses*, these Woodsii aint as purdy though they been round a lot longer…Collective railing for or against the senseless beatings of wings against the captivity imagined in being surrounded by memories, by antiques and reminders there is past present anyplace, anyhow.

*(Steinbeck and Faulkner)

Weekend Writing Prompt!

Weekend Writing Prompt

33 words ‘Confession’

Amelia Michelle Nicol


Absolution in timing

spaces worth filling with silences

Confessions pressure limits

another testimony

Defining momentum for lifespans

assured in limits of progression

Another continuum must stop on

only the Sons of Man’s Words

LadyJabberwocky Prompt of the Week

Prompt of the Week: Bear With It

Sight in No Image

By: Amelia Michelle Nicol


Angles of reason

too much, this little

conditioned measure brought

timing to focal patterns

lit furious pathways

Fire in my mind

scorched forgetfulness

to cavities of placement

Chasms and chambers excited

potentials, the surrounding

acceleration, stillness

could imagine any possibility

Thresholds of sight

bear endless memories

Wilderness diets

tricked to the scent of trash

LadyJabberwocky Prompt Of The Week: Stroll Through The Garden

LadyJabberwocky Prompt of the Week: Stroll Through the Garden

Amelia Nicol


High altitude seasons

tall walls of snow and brightness

imagined the greenery in landscaping

sunlight growing days longing

with promises of springtime,

the wanted wandering through the

Garden, these gladiolas in mind

come in the very end of the season

I can only hope

would finally begin

Dendritic forms remain

in snowflakes

the leaf shoot and roots

propagate the sinking

moisture to form

still walking in the flora

hidden beneath drifts of snow

these reminders of the coming growth

patches of dirt and gravel

meandering through a garden

Weekend Writing Prompt! ‘Enterprise’

Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

‘Enterprise’ 73 Words

Amelia Michelle Nicol


Excitable limits focal points

deviation reckoning refinements

These constructs, the ways acceptability

creates thresholds of Enterprise

Relevance housing roots, words figuring

removal procedures supposition

re-framed decided or contrived, dirty arts limits

and scientific wonderment, movement

these eclectic allowances electricity

Ease and pressures for variability

Constants inconsistent lean

deviant receptive conditioned

friction: spaces for growth

Necessary movement, avoidance factors

Attentive alignment values

place and its modems and or models

The fairness in any drive

Weekend Writing Prompt!

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

“Treetop” 63 words

Amelia Michelle Nicol


Wings spread over treetops

sunlight glanced distance

Above tops of a height

bottomless feeling canopy

catching the remnant digit

imagined airs increment

The divisions of a roof or tree

top, these seconds glancing these

wings spreading the weight of air

Lifted portions of dimension

reckoned a birds view

The heights or depths imagined

spread over weather patterns

Migratory heights sonic

landscaping distances below


The exactitude of daylight and the ways in which any amount of it could seem out of place, the prisms of concentration in that which is considered sightly or the volatility of reckoning real beauty. The spiral transforms and the limits of asymmetrical pull and push, the ways in which anything could grow and the intensities of immediacy in the structures of wonderment and the conditions of personalization of environment. The wanted conditions of light and the ways in which any amount of shade could bend a corner to new significance, the wonder of endless potentials in a finite universe and the ways in which data and information could stop or these pressing indicatives of the possibilities in silence, clarity and stillness as a seperate field or medium from which morphological movement can store and reckon its potential. The idea of needing to store anything, the idea of a necessity in medium where there needn’t be any, the actuality of nothing and the wanted figures of unrest and interest in that which is possible beyond imaginary, beyond sense, and beyond collective. The wanted mediums of morphological underpinning and the actuality of possibility in nothingness, in the actuality of there being no other, nothing from which everything could actually come. Imagined stillness and the dimensions of possibility in that which carries light or allots it, the wanted spinning indicative of motion and potentials, the elliptical nuance in that which is bent to sight and the turning of an image in mind, the light and electric within creating path and illuminating structures, optic chasms or chiasma, the wonders of space in which movement and transformations of image could condition sight to reckoning, which points of conjecture in cones or rods could fit something that has never been seen, how we are only met with circumstances we can handle? Data as nutrients and the transforms conditioning nutrients in gradient potentials as they are digested, data of traveling or movement the nutrient itself necessary to another place value. Immediacy and the ease of proximity, the necessity in limits of conditioned personalization and the wanted figures of indicative value and measure for that which is beyond sense and or perspective. Imagination and instinct, the ways in which any amount of data or information could be taking place, the perspective sense of light or shade and the wanted figures of unrest in that which is possible in that which is beyond, and that which is considered beautiful. Free thought.

Sami Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt!

Weekend Writing Prompt #298


Amelia Michelle Nicol


Dolorous weight

Conditioned unrest, variance

in lifestyle timing

these ways of concentrating

jejune persistence, divination

refusals and these Darlings

measureless graft

pressured limits recurb dull

dry air, small town naivety

Weekend Writing Prompt

Sammi Cox Weekend writing prompt #297 “key”

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #297


By Amelia Michelle Nicol


The places a key could hide

the doorways we’re used to

These sunlit contingent corners of frames

dropping something in the dark or fumbling

for the right shape, these fitting

Weights and counter-intuitive measures

maps left in boxes labeled for modem

symbols used any way and never broken

anything, anytime fitting or only these

The banging and beating hammers

stickers and bridal tape

composing measures of rhythm

to signatures hidden lines


I wrote this post in 2017.

Fear the potentials of where your thoughts would mislead you, the hiccups between the steps you take in wondering about something; the accidents that trip us up during a day. The loud sounds and furious added weight to every motion in noticing it for yourself. Occupy your own thought or someone else will occupy it for you. The fear and shame felt at the dagger of danger and the surety of death. Killer attitude; my movement will defend itself against the instigation that is always present. Slip on the job, accidental death and suicides amongst workers and damned be the one actually thinking about it. Caught either cringing or gagging or hiding someplace; relax, the world is full of obstacles designed to kill you and you are here to work on them. Nature, the grinding machine of timing compared to the steps we are able to take during the work day and how far away from your process you are during the actual performing of tasks. How far away from the way in which you naturally think must you drag yourself to be wondering and fathom such machinery? Humans do not think or behave in a binary. These toxic chemical spills to electrical outlets, the metals and wiring that intersects and construes itself beyond the parts lists in memory of movement and its postulate. The sounds the engine makes, the motor running and gaps in distance to each chug and lurching whinny or guessing instance for the garbled proctor or shifting safety teams misunderstanding what exactly it is they are doing just standing around during a day. Each postural reflex strikes a certain chord, but don’t upset yourself about it, there are all sorts of extensions to deliver you from particular prongs. Don’t get hung up, don’t fixate, the answer is itself and continual. This life is so full, brimming these airs we fill with toxins, these poisons we administer systems for their working mechanisms are killing us. Mechanic longings like general study of the human body; notice the refusal to compare a car to our bodies. Misery and calamity, the drive down lines of understanding and the ticks we experience as becoming more part of the machine than nature. Computers comparing the workmanship of men with machinery; causing more accidents to their work process. The feeling of always being watched or as if you’re having to show, compared to the feeling of just workmanship. Having to be more heavily guided by authority figures at the job sight is probably part of this same complex. The occurrences of accidents at job sites and the likelihood that anyone watching you had anything to do with it are null and void to most; but the power of collective gaze cannot be denied, and the effects and affects of certain environmental aggregates on work process cannot be ignored. The more delicate you try to be, the more difficult it is at times to actually operate; the more stout and present you are poses entirely different obstacles. Watching a workman too closely, you notice them fumble or curse or ask you to go and get them something; the sense that our lives are a sort of performance of our own attitudes and behaviors and the ability to separate oneself from the misery or calamity to show skill. Fear and the fulfillment of actual motive compared with motif. Motives and drives, surrounding passing contortions of reality from a periphery and the interruptions to process that are necessary, and those that need eradicated. How are you to decide in cognitive risk assessment which information will eventually be of use to you, and that which you must discard? Remembered myself as saying that it really isn’t a conscious decision and I can’t always trust my own brain or emotion. Avoidance of the moral detective brigades and the ability to function on a daily basis in some job sights necessitates being un-bothered by certain etiquette and temperance in yourself and others. Tetanus shots car wrecks worried mind and paranoid ticks of infrequent laziness and the things that pop in your head. The etiquette that says temperance cannot be learned but spouts from the pages of logistic and common American noble thoughts. It’s terrible temperance to speak of it at all, especially in comparisons. No testing, don’t get testy…

Beauty & Volatility

Measureless weight, the indicatives of silence and that which escapes notice, the obviousness and that which is digested without realizing it. Divination of expectancy and that which is actual or the focus in environment, conglomerated bias cannot escape bias, the formulaic excitements of space and that which tends to reckon with the emptiness, these bright skies reflecting off the top layer of snow, the brightness of the daylight and the particles already charged with negative ion inference at high altitudes. The distinctions in that which is possible or that which seems likely are easier in formulaic, repetitive space that doesn’t have a lot of variety. These mountains faces, they change so slowly, the river cutting new paths of valley could tell you how long ago these features started working toward this scenery, a wanted part of the scenery or this environment sinking into the backgrounds of that which is often overlooked or completely ignored, the dissonance in that which is similar or difference, these conversions of matter to space that can be sensed, all this floating in the air just beyond that. The distinctions of conditioning and that which seems likely or possible compared with that which is actual and real. Of all the connections I could imagine with the environment around me, with all of us that are part of any environment, how could any variable of wild information be isolated effectively for focus? All this imagining that I must have this partiality, that this wholeness is also part of me, the variable indicatives of nature and that which tends to draw attention: missing parts of conjecture and the focal devoid patterning of that which cannot be avoided. The background adding to any actual point of focus or attention, the ways in which imagination and instinct separate body and message, these conditioned limits to what might be important to me from an environment and the technologizing of the imagination. Would we even notice? Over stimulation and frequency interruptions to that which we are able to imagine, and the ways in which we can digest the environment around us. The empty chairs sitting in open wilderness, the easy images of escape imagined in places that should never feel so crowded. Free will and free choice, memory and movement, the distinctions of that which is digested as part of sight or assumed in automatic message, the additive nature of that which is noticed, the immediacy of idea and ideal attached to objects, scenery and people, the connectivity assumed in any amount of that which could be similar or different but, why not just let it be? The necessity of note and investments of timeliness in that which is abstract and conceptual. Rhetorical situation and parabolic understandings of that which could actually formulate togetherness beyond shallow similarity or difference. The ways in which information goes together doesn’t have to compete. The exactitude of the connectivity and continuer will always be an opinion of the observer. Impressions or expressions, the indicative values of space and that which in leading lines, emphasis, color and texture relate the world around us to chemical and electrical investments we can actually use. The sightliness of anything, the wanted beauty and the actuality of ugliness, the considerate values of that which is noticed or ignored, the need for beauty in nature and the volatility and beauty in natural change. Would the notice of ugliness with the same amount of wonder and focus and love as that which is ugly help or hinder survival? All these beautiful, poisonous plants, animals: the beauty in nature often wants to attract us only for prey. Natural beauty must have industriousness? The need for and even worship of beauty and the actuality in the idea that most of the beautiful organisms are poisonous. Is part of the need for beauty in the change in nature the need for self-defense, the need for attention to beauty to distract from adaptation and add automatically to survival?

The ugliness (beauty?) in survival and the beauty in change, volatility in either…

Distinctions of space, the timeliness of movement these conditions of suppositions, these lights beyond perspective, the diligence of daylight these magnitudes of pull from the reflections on the face of the moone, these delicate-seeming excitements and the swans that belonged here or there to begin with. These exceptional distances beyond in thoughtlessness, the distances imagined worth traveling, these perfections unnatural ugliness and the actuality of asymmetrical balance in the beauty and volatility of natural change and movement—the figures of excitement or the imagined closeness or closure of movement, continuer theory: a universe of constant motion, the wanted semblance in that which cannot help transference, the supposed connections of movement taken out of situation, away from figure and out of character cannot be accurate. Any supposed closeness another closure of assurance in that which must be connected or moving, assumptions on timing indicatives and the actuality of continuer and connectivity beyond similarity or difference, beyond shallow claimant supposed togetherness. Assumptions upon motion and perfection are not realistic, the actuality of motion and its indicative change in nature isn’t going to be isolated by assumptions of similarity or difference, nor assumptions of connection nor continuance.

Continuer Theory

Source-less electric and the imaginal infinitum, the ways in which electricity moves us, the ways in which that which is beyond sense attributes to it. That which is actual of perception in environment and that which is automatic in response, the distinctions of space and that which is actual movement or reflex. The divination of breath and the differences in similarity, that which is parable or underlying principle compared with shallow proximal expectancy. Individualist conditions of actuality in that which is wholeness or part, in that which is decidable as though a wholeness or part of perception from outside of it: I can only have perspective analogous to my own perspective alone (Hinton), expected perspectives and the weighted turn of phrase in that which is beyond epistemic normativity and that which cannot be stopped with threats of Empiricism. All knowing environments of absolutist assumptions upon reflex and spaciousness, upon breath or the care with which any movement is taken. The fluidity imagined in motion, butterflies in the divide of mind, supposedly split so easily: conditions of growth and understanding, to assume we already know and forget seeking it out. The staving off of actual scientific inquiry and research for the assimilation of Earth to technological disadvantage and university-ality that doesn’t actually apply doesn’t make sense. The ambiguity of validity could pretend there’s enough context anyplace, the variations of chemical and electrical conversions from environment and internally cannot be guessed at or rectified in accordance with any system-ic, and especially any unnatural system. The actuality of volatility in change and the volatility and beauty in that which is actual in nature cannot be reformed nor escaped. These differences imagined in the light from within or without, in the differences imagined between information and imagination, the conditions of actual recombinative value and the actuality of truly random or chaotic data…The collocation and allocation of word and expression in etymological normativity, which should never really entirely belong anyplace…Transcendentally, the curvature of shapeliness in mind finding points of referent shapeliness in thoughtlessness and ever more Tender Buttons to push, the ambiguity of validity and the oblivion of obviousness again, repetitions and the ease of confabulation. Decisions supposedly made for us and that which the environment could take of free will or free choice: Boethius takes a seat in the chair described by Gertrude Stein, both almost disappear. The decidable meaning is all yours. These differences in the ways in which anything could form or become, belong, how many tree rings did one chair eat up, how many tireless hours cutting down dead limbs and re-shaping them to something worthwhile, something of comfort and courage creating seats that can remain empty for the reminder of space that cannot be filled. Thoughtlessness, the ways in which these forms find mediums, the conditions of perception and that which seems close or proximal but when applied in mythology makes no sense. Or, when applied in rhetorical situation, holds no common stance. Or, in defense of poetry, that which can or cannot hold up in the phatic atmosphere of everyday exchange. Anything could continue or ‘work’, the differences in that which is actual of Charles Van Doren’s works in continuer theory and what has stuck around of what was falsified of his information is a continual reminder of just how far a universal lie would go to seem applicable anywhere. Anything could continue, it depends upon the will of the observer, as Leonard B. Meyer was certain of, as well. Removal from free choice will never be disproof of free will. 120 is always missing.


The ease of formulaic writing, the conditions of repetition and the concerns in cornering of possibilities in origins. The morphologic conditions of investment or indicative are ambiguous at best, the differences or similarities in timing or the differentiations in space: the conveniences of necessity or that which is proximal according to distance or consistency in difference or similarity in contrast to that which is symbiotic or that which actually grows, has balance and homeostasis in actual growth in accordance with environment and body. The distance imagined in thought or that which is supposedly beyond environment being attached to it, the suppositions in weighted distinctions of indifference and that which is obvious or the oblivion in that which is common or seems everyday: the intrinsic values of space and the wanted immanence in figures, the action and reaction do not necessitate function, the distances supposed do not exist to travel, the supposition of dimension in imaginary based on any part or wholeness of person or environment is faulty at best. The transcendental imagination is without a homeland: The exactitude [s!] of space for imaginal? Conditions of refinement in that which is melted down from outside of us in these metals between dimensions for moments of shapeliness in source-less electric stance making placement for path or convening pattern to movement in conversions of space from possible stillness, clarity and silence. The possibilities in vapor or the elements of actual thought and its pathos, the distinctions in that which is actual or imaginal, the physiological constructs of imagination and the patterns and paths created in source-less electric input from physiological sources. Imaginary is imaginary, the rhetorical situations in placement of potential, purely applied and the distinctions in persistence of any language in value or its placement in that which is beyond: possibilities of infinitum in that which is imaginary, the conditions of that which is cause or meaning or reason and the infallible suppositions of absolution in purity…applicable quantity or quality, ease in measuring the ifs or these confabulated excuses against logic: as if the variable contrivances of spaciousness in that which is ever always connected isn’t enough…silence, clarity and stillness exist. Empty space is a real possibility, silence is an answer, the actuality of connectivity and continuer isn’t really absolutely decidable, the variable allowances in data shouldn’t really be either…random? The actuality of possibility exists far outside of popular opinion and eclectic variant doesn’t automatically belong anywhere. Expectation and the diligence of wonder, the significance of thoughtlessness in creativity and that which is actually beyond, metaphysical data being a physiological construct, the idea of that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense and beyond collective is still coming from a physiological perspective, and in this understanding I can’t trick myself as easily into believing my imagination for that which could be beyond, and can be more accurate in differentiation between that which is imaginary and that which is actual information or elsewise. Conditions for wonderment and that which is beyond, the actuality of accident and coincident, the asymmetrical beauty to nature that we can recognize, these accidents that we are and the ways in which nature works and changes, grows and moves. The possibility in accident and coincident as part of morphological movement and the necessity in a medium ‘beyond’, (clarity, silence, and stillness) does not necessitate wholeness of person-hood nor environment, nor offsets of immanence in presumed wholeness in environment, time, nor person-hood. The variability of matter and the distances between dimensions in vibratory patterns or that which is beyond timing, or presumed spaciousness: not beyond either but not in any assumption of wholeness nor perfected isolation of partiality, hopefully. Fourrier Gauss, Lorentz, movements shapeliness and the imagined fluidity to motion, impartial partiality and whole wholeness, or any other variant, that make the line drawn by Pascal seem almost fair, but my line of sight will never be anywhere below that line of water. Tricking myself into assumptions of observation is very easy, assumptions upon connectivity are even easier.


Variance in life, the actuality of variables in the wild and the absurdity of supposed isolation of connectivity from outside bias. The differences in defense and the actuality of senescence, instinct and imagination, intuition, the ways in which a body is attached to an environment or the ways in which environment seems to attach to the individual. The electrical and chemical reactions and conversions of space, the indicative value of that which is digested by the brain, the actuality of movement that we fill in for and the fluidity imagined in what we would probably actually see within us. The persistence of daylight and the ways in which the light within us or the light from outside of us interplay to exact the differences in the environment to usefulness within us. There’s no amount of rectifying the body goes through, this belonging or the sense of connection to the places around us is best pronounced in story and metaphor, the actuality of underlying principle in language and that which is actually accurate to it in that which we absorb as potentials or that which immediately becomes active. The idea that counting differences will ever add up to accuracy is faulty at best, similarities or differences in environment don’t add up to accurate messages or cause meaning and reason at all. The additive nature of that which is assumed connected or in some sort of continuation, and the reality of these chemical and electrical physiological reactions in imagination and mind, and the need for parable and underlying mythologies to describe and explain especially language and its continuations, but any supposed connectivity as well. The narrative chosen by outside interests will never be conducive to reality, and these additive narratives to that which happens in the wild are isolating the rustling of moths wings as though completely determinable as a cause of some disaster overseas. The ease of shallow assumptive connectivity and that which is actually working together for the whole, that does not need a false sense of isolation and that doesn’t need a faulty idea of connection to exist. Must be completely alone or entirely part of a whole, the idea of absolution in that which is assumed as though conducive in that which is symbiotic or common, the idea that deciding cause meaning and reason to these relationships in nature could be conducive to reality or the actuality of volatility and variability in nature is also faulty at best. The reality of these connections and continuances cannot be decided, indeterminable data that doesn’t need to be warped for special interests ideas of what nature should be saying to or for or about us. Remember the underlying principles in science and the the need in the human mind for myth. Myth is necessary to cognitive reasoning and critical thought, the ways in which underlying principles in science and the mythologies we apply to understand the ways in which the environment interacts with us or us with the environment, and while it sounds counter-intuitive can actually be extremely accurate. And oftentimes far moreso than any special interest deciding what the environment is ‘saying’ to us through any amount of confabulated non-sense connectivity or continuer that they’ve somehow decided could be decided and have now decided they can decide for all of us. These things are indeterminable.

Weekend Writing Prompt #290 – Perpetual

Word Prompt #290 “Perpetual”

Fluidity of motion
the dignity of dreams
wanting need, the electrifying
personified keeps going
endless continuance beyond any
friction: bending a corner
to a curve in one dimension
hoping against finite reality

Strands of possibility
forever differing
constant inconsistency
timing relevance to placements
potentials from open air, empty space
all these sparks we never see

Dimming void to space friction
to shape, imaginal infinitum
in wanted perpetual motion
vapors, dreams, slipping relevance
ultimate constant universal
taking whatever time we have
with assurances of infinitum
Amelia Michelle Nicol 12.18.22

Sammi Cox

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt



wk 290 perpetualWeekend Writing Prompt #290: This weekend your challenge is to write a poem or a piece of prose in exactly 84 words using the word “Perpetual”.

The challenge is simple: each week you will be given an exact number of words you can use to write a poem or piece of prose.  You can use any format or style you like; go wherever your inspiration takes you.  The only rules are these:

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Information Reliability

The immersive values of space, the reformation of conditions in recombinative value and the assumptive weight of supposed order. The differences in decision making process and the thoughtlessness beyond actual attention, growing words and devices of instinct to consider surroundings as though some part or separation of them. The skies contained the weight of all these years of condensation, of evaporated movements, of these small parts of path that could reckon placement or pretend order for the sake of further disorder or every exception that becomes apparent upon any supposed perfection. The distal refrain of conditioned and formulaic narrative, the distance in space or timing for the differences in actuality or these details of recollection that seem to be every importance. The ability to forget, deciding what is important to me or that which I will or won’t need, the instinct and imagination for information, the differences between actual information and imaginary possibilities: chance happenstance and perchance suspicions of timeliness and these conditioned weights of care or importance, suspicion and superstition, myth and the ability to reason. Theory of mind in the American dialectic of behavioral science, the possibilities in exchange which have become so one-dimensional and the need for mythology. In hopes for discernment between mythology that helps reason and lies that harm information reliability: recognizing delineations between stories that help us grow, and the ways in which mythology works for us, and the ways in which lies and deceit harm cognitive reason, and real myth. Shallow proximities compared with underlying mythologies, the circumstantial sciences of proximities compared with the real science of underlying principles and their actual theories. In defense of poetry, the underlying rhetorical situations and the real mythologies in parable and metaphor that can describe and explain connectivity beyond shallow proximities and similarities in differences and etcetera: the actuality of accuracy in what is information science and the order of data and information. And jeopardy. The extremities of belief in science and the ways in which we actually connect with one another and our environment. It’s indeterminable. And cannot be decided. Science divining belonging and or deciding free will, infinitum, connectivity, knowing it is indeterminable and trying to ignore the volatility of indeterminable data. Pre-determined decidability is automatic detriment. Inopportune refinements of space and the hypnotic sentences of attention that grab or gap the relevance of actuality, the remorseless need to be free and the assumptive values of space or environment. Any supposed attachment or association, the power of assumption and association in the reckoning of connectivity and the continuer theory in additive or reductive conditions to that which cannot be created nor destroyed.