Shrugged, saw corners worth filling with empty sighted

removals for the processor,

the ticks between or the rhythm of both hands

guessing for the wonder left hiding itself as if lost

or crumbling from the safety points for the vantage of grounds

borrowed for the tunneling mechanics and lost frolickers

like something to worry about again,

or some hopelessly unfair seeming connection

this must have been yourselves

feel some form of closeness or the closures we limit

will destroy us

grapple for time and space that isn’t yours

that will never be near you

as if any knowledge has it’s own institutions left alone

and any leave must be reckoned with and pardoned

or punished with empirical sense

responsibility and supposed responsiveness

that same bad luck syndrome

none of us will stick to our parts or places

and they still blame as if the mistakes were ours

to begin with

to begin with

beginning again

trace yourself new forms of newness and now

of the hottest or most frictional or easiest to get away with

but still very dangerous

triggering accidentals for resembling against the possessions

what are we thought for ourselves

conglomerate misgivings and rigid edges to fall off of

the entirety

recall the mesmerizing hypnosis and repeatedly disgusting

manipulations of flesh and unswerving

abuse and emotionalism victors with stuck gears

vengeance relegation swerves and tired grasping toward imagination

here, the paranoid brain injured

criminality factoring especially for freedom to all the captives

they’ll never get it, I have no options and any opinions

eaten again this giant machine discussion and disgust

relief to ourselves in thoughtfulness intention alone

if you think you are helping

there’s no amount of process that could bring closure

or closer the day justice is actually winning

for people, humanity

rampant dis-care and quickly regarded disjointing desecration

quickly and to the thorough back around again to smash and scatter

like whatever it takes

reliability nature, knowledge can’t matter too much to us

we have to fit our pre-existant scaling and diagram

legends and holotype and homonym

escape for thought



only when prompted, these tales leaving themselves behind for the comfort and ease of character portrayal in narrative rather than autobiography: asked itself again for the leans in limit to the use of ‘i’ or the need to avoid it. There are permissions for names or thoughts that attach to the ideas of attribution, that originate the concept of naming something at all, or that are left to gather after the insecurity and fear syndromes. When first meeting another, the last thing to offer is your name: what defines these postures and reflexes that perform me? I move my hair to the side, bite my thumb, play with the bit off nail in between my teeth, fiddle with the zippers on my boots or fix my glasses impatiently. wringing or the resting causality of thought: the conduction of memory as performance of postural etiquette, the ways in which we remember ourselves, compared to the ways in which we actually behave or the actual attitudes we have. We had decided our destined limits already, had contrived the movement long before its limb, had discovered the twitch before we noticed doing it, and upon noticing accept them as endearment or suffer them intelligibly. By what providence, those calloused western promises of prestige and accidently fit oppositional limits to propriety, yanking around the doodling or diddling to a firm position. make a decision about the decision to make, wander the force of definitive, coalesce the concentrates of assumption and apriory manners. The way you look at others, these small indicative motivating motions, those easily manipulated insecurities, guarded for ourselves in conditioning against the easily influenced tendencies of trauma and easily manipulated masses of collective responses to convince you of anything, and remain correct for centuries without change. they had decided for you, and earnestly work the contrite for more leans in conglomerate that isn’t giving. identification modules humming assemblage parts of being along a line, along the line, adding or subtracting like objects or accessories to bid for humanity from the stickered backs of products.

don’t worry about the standardized personality traits, everybody’s got em’!

via Daily Prompt: Identity


Graphic portal grievance discretion angst: the ways in which we must form a memory, the glances that must automatically give some form of virtue to a system for purchase in merit to the affordance considered likely enough to drear out calamity and regard individualistically. Figure it out for yourself, the rarely seen or hardly ever mentioned, without realizing how far and removed anything must seem, as if these corners or curves will be forever in discovery or the gaps in standards never met will portray themselves against by accidently escaping the negative indicative. Forced involvement for inference or the catastrophic theft of time for space or vices for the dilemma of personification and mythological realities. congruent significances in causation requirements, distortions of varying excitements or portions of distinguishing mediums. Favorable distances for the actual to recall as if the preconception should decide from imaginary the event itself, tried consciousness and bare strengths for suggestions or parts of nothing isolated and ungiving, forget about it. Grievance actualities considerately misconstrued for instructing oneself about the ways to a process needed or imagined as necessary. Considerateness; there’s plenty for regurgitation or peruse and even more for the difficulty in short answers or the ingenuity in some forms of empathetic motions. Guess it, describe a framing against itself in far less distance or constraining another sure guess or that….concept won’t ever meet itself actually, wearies about the significance in rounding about a commonality or obviousness in triviality or another disregarded obscure egoist misconception. Must mean illusion, beg another difference for the discontented, the purposed or disjointed by accidents or removed from by grudges or confidence in disregard that hopes beyond for the sureness to withstand passions and whim. Failures in too much sympathy, that shift to analyzing or the feeling pauses as if the caution about the roundness or the sharpened edges could jar the conferences for thoughts about types for togetherness or containment for enthusiasm that attacks a brand new thought almost immediately. Don’t respond, silence is the strongest message, the loudest reply in timing for a pause that could change the situation instead of just warp the character. At least dare to mean nothing. As if guarding oneself from the continental shifting or magnitudes in disallowance structures targeting pies in the sky or gargantuan misconception or entirely confused censure bonds for repaying the bought tin pans to their specific and compartmentalized proper, the consecrating delays or depressed pridefulness cuts left labeled in places like what’s left for myself. Likeness fears and cagey irreverent formality, and isn’t someone else supposed to work this part out?


elaborate a skill by accidently ending up in the wrong place and the wrong time and meaning it correctly enough to excuse yourself without the usual necessary dilinquence to such situations or, rebalance the courage felt in the distances fathomed for the information that must be of such importance, that must somehow find itself. There are missing lengths to elude to forever, just of itself going about the scales imagined for thoughtfulness or the distances between the weights of felt consolations for solitude to oneself aside the dissonances and before the separations, or between and mistakenly beside for an awkwardness or indicative askance necessary dreadfulness and impertinent grievance for on the spot concentration abilities or variances for the attainability measures against eclectic space. Orders besides those chronologically prescribed bartering against the accuracy allotments for common understandings and bribing a sense of togetherness for landscaping the desecration or desecrating the remapping of valuables readily preserved with diligence or inconvenient graciousness. hide this, reverse the you commonality sense with a forlorn absence of concentrated characterization for a decidable and stoic ‘we’, or decide a different construing severance for the bundling procedures or exemptions deciding the limits for entitlement in a nightmare scheme empirical data machine divergence inhumanity misunderstanding. Maybe everything is backwards, already was upside-down and how should anyone be able to tell a difference for a reality even similar to another, it seems the same but sees entirely differently irregardless of the shift. memorized from one perspective and then entirely forgotten, turned a simple symbol but it already had belonging, already recognized itself as part of another illustration, or thousands and thousands of them. Hinting that there are dimensions beyond us, that could hypnotize beyond our ability or will to escape them, or that have created entire cultures of growth and understanding beyond us. that divest their portraits according to certain predicaments of random path recombining entireties of newness and remaining as entirely unchanged. ((against hypnosis))].<0)).<<0)).<0))