The ease of formulaic writing, the conditions of repetition and the concerns in cornering of possibilities in origins. The morphologic conditions of investment or indicative are ambiguous at best, the differences or similarities in timing or the differentiations in space: the conveniences of necessity or that which is proximal according to distance or consistency in difference or similarity in contrast to that which is symbiotic or that which actually grows, has balance and homeostasis in actual growth in accordance with environment and body. The distance imagined in thought or that which is supposedly beyond environment being attached to it, the suppositions in weighted distinctions of indifference and that which is obvious or the oblivion in that which is common or seems everyday: the intrinsic values of space and the wanted immanence in figures, the action and reaction do not necessitate function, the distances supposed do not exist to travel, the supposition of dimension in imaginary based on any part or wholeness of person or environment is faulty at best. The transcendental imagination is without a homeland: The exactitude [s!] of space for imaginal? Conditions of refinement in that which is melted down from outside of us in these metals between dimensions for moments of shapeliness in source-less electric stance making placement for path or convening pattern to movement in conversions of space from possible stillness, clarity and silence. The possibilities in vapor or the elements of actual thought and its pathos, the distinctions in that which is actual or imaginal, the physiological constructs of imagination and the patterns and paths created in source-less electric input from physiological sources. Imaginary is imaginary, the rhetorical situations in placement of potential, purely applied and the distinctions in persistence of any language in value or its placement in that which is beyond: possibilities of infinitum in that which is imaginary, the conditions of that which is cause or meaning or reason and the infallible suppositions of absolution in purity…applicable quantity or quality, ease in measuring the ifs or these confabulated excuses against logic: as if the variable contrivances of spaciousness in that which is ever always connected isn’t enough…silence, clarity and stillness exist. Empty space is a real possibility, silence is an answer, the actuality of connectivity and continuer isn’t really absolutely decidable, the variable allowances in data shouldn’t really be either…random? The actuality of possibility exists far outside of popular opinion and eclectic variant doesn’t automatically belong anywhere. Expectation and the diligence of wonder, the significance of thoughtlessness in creativity and that which is actually beyond, metaphysical data being a physiological construct, the idea of that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense and beyond collective is still coming from a physiological perspective, and in this understanding I can’t trick myself as easily into believing my imagination for that which could be beyond, and can be more accurate in differentiation between that which is imaginary and that which is actual information or elsewise. Conditions for wonderment and that which is beyond, the actuality of accident and coincident, the asymmetrical beauty to nature that we can recognize, these accidents that we are and the ways in which nature works and changes, grows and moves. The possibility in accident and coincident as part of morphological movement and the necessity in a medium ‘beyond’, (clarity, silence, and stillness) does not necessitate wholeness of person-hood nor environment, nor offsets of immanence in presumed wholeness in environment, time, nor person-hood. The variability of matter and the distances between dimensions in vibratory patterns or that which is beyond timing, or presumed spaciousness: not beyond either but not in any assumption of wholeness nor perfected isolation of partiality, hopefully. Fourrier Gauss, Lorentz, movements shapeliness and the imagined fluidity to motion, impartial partiality and whole wholeness, or any other variant, that make the line drawn by Pascal seem almost fair, but my line of sight will never be anywhere below that line of water. Tricking myself into assumptions of observation is very easy, assumptions upon connectivity are even easier.



Variance in life, the actuality of variables in the wild and the absurdity of supposed isolation of connectivity from outside bias. The differences in defense and the actuality of senescence, instinct and imagination, intuition, the ways in which a body is attached to an environment or the ways in which environment seems to attach to the individual. The electrical and chemical reactions and conversions of space, the indicative value of that which is digested by the brain, the actuality of movement that we fill in for and the fluidity imagined in what we would probably actually see within us. The persistence of daylight and the ways in which the light within us or the light from outside of us interplay to exact the differences in the environment to usefulness within us. There’s no amount of rectifying the body goes through, this belonging or the sense of connection to the places around us is best pronounced in story and metaphor, the actuality of underlying principle in language and that which is actually accurate to it in that which we absorb as potentials or that which immediately becomes active. The idea that counting differences will ever add up to accuracy is faulty at best, similarities or differences in environment don’t add up to accurate messages or cause meaning and reason at all. The additive nature of that which is assumed connected or in some sort of continuation, and the reality of these chemical and electrical physiological reactions in imagination and mind, and the need for parable and underlying mythologies to describe and explain especially language and its continuations, but any supposed connectivity as well. The narrative chosen by outside interests will never be conducive to reality, and these additive narratives to that which happens in the wild are isolating the rustling of moths wings as though completely determinable as a cause of some disaster overseas. The ease of shallow assumptive connectivity and that which is actually working together for the whole, that does not need a false sense of isolation and that doesn’t need a faulty idea of connection to exist. Must be completely alone or entirely part of a whole, the idea of absolution in that which is assumed as though conducive in that which is symbiotic or common, the idea that deciding cause meaning and reason to these relationships in nature could be conducive to reality or the actuality of volatility and variability in nature is also faulty at best. The reality of these connections and continuances cannot be decided, indeterminable data that doesn’t need to be warped for special interests ideas of what nature should be saying to or for or about us. Remember the underlying principles in science and the the need in the human mind for myth. Myth is necessary to cognitive reasoning and critical thought, the ways in which underlying principles in science and the mythologies we apply to understand the ways in which the environment interacts with us or us with the environment, and while it sounds counter-intuitive can actually be extremely accurate. And oftentimes far moreso than any special interest deciding what the environment is ‘saying’ to us through any amount of confabulated non-sense connectivity or continuer that they’ve somehow decided could be decided and have now decided they can decide for all of us. These things are indeterminable.

Weekend Writing Prompt #290 – Perpetual

Word Prompt #290 “Perpetual”

Fluidity of motion
the dignity of dreams
wanting need, the electrifying
personified keeps going
endless continuance beyond any
friction: bending a corner
to a curve in one dimension
hoping against finite reality

Strands of possibility
forever differing
constant inconsistency
timing relevance to placements
potentials from open air, empty space
all these sparks we never see

Dimming void to space friction
to shape, imaginal infinitum
in wanted perpetual motion
vapors, dreams, slipping relevance
ultimate constant universal
taking whatever time we have
with assurances of infinitum
Amelia Michelle Nicol 12.18.22

Sammi Cox

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

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wk 290 perpetualWeekend Writing Prompt #290: This weekend your challenge is to write a poem or a piece of prose in exactly 84 words using the word “Perpetual”.

The challenge is simple: each week you will be given an exact number of words you can use to write a poem or piece of prose.  You can use any format or style you like; go wherever your inspiration takes you.  The only rules are these:

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Information Reliability

The immersive values of space, the reformation of conditions in recombinative value and the assumptive weight of supposed order. The differences in decision making process and the thoughtlessness beyond actual attention, growing words and devices of instinct to consider surroundings as though some part or separation of them. The skies contained the weight of all these years of condensation, of evaporated movements, of these small parts of path that could reckon placement or pretend order for the sake of further disorder or every exception that becomes apparent upon any supposed perfection. The distal refrain of conditioned and formulaic narrative, the distance in space or timing for the differences in actuality or these details of recollection that seem to be every importance. The ability to forget, deciding what is important to me or that which I will or won’t need, the instinct and imagination for information, the differences between actual information and imaginary possibilities: chance happenstance and perchance suspicions of timeliness and these conditioned weights of care or importance, suspicion and superstition, myth and the ability to reason. Theory of mind in the American dialectic of behavioral science, the possibilities in exchange which have become so one-dimensional and the need for mythology. In hopes for discernment between mythology that helps reason and lies that harm information reliability: recognizing delineations between stories that help us grow, and the ways in which mythology works for us, and the ways in which lies and deceit harm cognitive reason, and real myth. Shallow proximities compared with underlying mythologies, the circumstantial sciences of proximities compared with the real science of underlying principles and their actual theories. In defense of poetry, the underlying rhetorical situations and the real mythologies in parable and metaphor that can describe and explain connectivity beyond shallow proximities and similarities in differences and etcetera: the actuality of accuracy in what is information science and the order of data and information. And jeopardy. The extremities of belief in science and the ways in which we actually connect with one another and our environment. It’s indeterminable. And cannot be decided. Science divining belonging and or deciding free will, infinitum, connectivity, knowing it is indeterminable and trying to ignore the volatility of indeterminable data. Pre-determined decidability is automatic detriment. Inopportune refinements of space and the hypnotic sentences of attention that grab or gap the relevance of actuality, the remorseless need to be free and the assumptive values of space or environment. Any supposed attachment or association, the power of assumption and association in the reckoning of connectivity and the continuer theory in additive or reductive conditions to that which cannot be created nor destroyed.