The exactitude of daylight and the ways in which any amount of it could seem out of place, the prisms of concentration in that which is considered sightly or the volatility of reckoning real beauty. The spiral transforms and the limits of asymmetrical pull and push, the ways in which anything could grow and the intensities of immediacy in the structures of wonderment and the conditions of personalization of environment. The wanted conditions of light and the ways in which any amount of shade could bend a corner to new significance, the wonder of endless potentials in a finite universe and the ways in which data and information could stop or these pressing indicatives of the possibilities in silence, clarity and stillness as a seperate field or medium from which morphological movement can store and reckon its potential. The idea of needing to store anything, the idea of a necessity in medium where there needn’t be any, the actuality of nothing and the wanted figures of unrest and interest in that which is possible beyond imaginary, beyond sense, and beyond collective. The wanted mediums of morphological underpinning and the actuality of possibility in nothingness, in the actuality of there being no other, nothing from which everything could actually come. Imagined stillness and the dimensions of possibility in that which carries light or allots it, the wanted spinning indicative of motion and potentials, the elliptical nuance in that which is bent to sight and the turning of an image in mind, the light and electric within creating path and illuminating structures, optic chasms or chiasma, the wonders of space in which movement and transformations of image could condition sight to reckoning, which points of conjecture in cones or rods could fit something that has never been seen, how we are only met with circumstances we can handle? Data as nutrients and the transforms conditioning nutrients in gradient potentials as they are digested, data of traveling or movement the nutrient itself necessary to another place value. Immediacy and the ease of proximity, the necessity in limits of conditioned personalization and the wanted figures of indicative value and measure for that which is beyond sense and or perspective. Imagination and instinct, the ways in which any amount of data or information could be taking place, the perspective sense of light or shade and the wanted figures of unrest in that which is possible in that which is beyond, and that which is considered beautiful. Free thought.


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