LadyJabberwocky Prompt of the Week

Prompt of the Week: Bear With It

Sight in No Image

By: Amelia Michelle Nicol


Angles of reason

too much, this little

conditioned measure brought

timing to focal patterns

lit furious pathways

Fire in my mind

scorched forgetfulness

to cavities of placement

Chasms and chambers excited

potentials, the surrounding

acceleration, stillness

could imagine any possibility

Thresholds of sight

bear endless memories

Wilderness diets

tricked to the scent of trash


LadyJabberwocky Prompt Of The Week: Stroll Through The Garden

LadyJabberwocky Prompt of the Week: Stroll Through the Garden

Amelia Nicol


High altitude seasons

tall walls of snow and brightness

imagined the greenery in landscaping

sunlight growing days longing

with promises of springtime,

the wanted wandering through the

Garden, these gladiolas in mind

come in the very end of the season

I can only hope

would finally begin

Dendritic forms remain

in snowflakes

the leaf shoot and roots

propagate the sinking

moisture to form

still walking in the flora

hidden beneath drifts of snow

these reminders of the coming growth

patches of dirt and gravel

meandering through a garden

Weekend Writing Prompt! ‘Enterprise’

Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

‘Enterprise’ 73 Words

Amelia Michelle Nicol


Excitable limits focal points

deviation reckoning refinements

These constructs, the ways acceptability

creates thresholds of Enterprise

Relevance housing roots, words figuring

removal procedures supposition

re-framed decided or contrived, dirty arts limits

and scientific wonderment, movement

these eclectic allowances electricity

Ease and pressures for variability

Constants inconsistent lean

deviant receptive conditioned

friction: spaces for growth

Necessary movement, avoidance factors

Attentive alignment values

place and its modems and or models

The fairness in any drive

Weekend Writing Prompt!

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

“Treetop” 63 words

Amelia Michelle Nicol


Wings spread over treetops

sunlight glanced distance

Above tops of a height

bottomless feeling canopy

catching the remnant digit

imagined airs increment

The divisions of a roof or tree

top, these seconds glancing these

wings spreading the weight of air

Lifted portions of dimension

reckoned a birds view

The heights or depths imagined

spread over weather patterns

Migratory heights sonic

landscaping distances below